Trvel Guide Koh Phi Phi Don Krabi Thailand

Koh Phi Phi Don Krabi Thailand

The large island and the center of Mu Koh Phi Phi with accommodation, piers, restaurants and other facilities. Koh Phi Phi Don possesses the very fantastic scenery and viewpoint. Having two bays named Ton Sai and Loh Dalam Bay curving towards each other divided by a small plain of shady coconut trees offers the wonderful scenery. This amazing site seen from the viewpoint on the mountain peak has created the reputation to Koh Phi Phi Don for a long time.

Koh Phi Phi Don Krabi

At Koh Phi Phi, you can enjoy various activities such as strolling along the beach admiring the seaview or skin diving at many bays for example Ton Sai, Nui, Yong Kasem, Paknam and Ranti Bay. Diving equipment is available at any shops and you can also rent the long-tailed boats to the diving area. For scuba diving, many appropriate places are rested at Koh Phi Phi Don with quiet surroundings especially at the far beaches such as Ranti Bay, Tong Cape and Loh Ba Kao Bay. For tourist who enjoy more crowded and entertaining area can choose to stay at Ton Sai or Loh Dalam Bay located near the pier.

Koh Phi Phi Don

Facilities: A lot of accommodation is available especially at Ton Sai and Loh Dalam Bay of various styles and rates. The price starts at about hundreds up. The Thai, European and seafood restaurants as well as Beer Bars are located near the beach. There are about 20 shops of tour service and diving facilities for the scuba diving lovers. Tourists holding either PADI or NADI cards can use these services. But for those who can not dive will have to take the diving course at the diving school of the island with several classes.

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Koh Phi Phi Don Krabi